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Universal Hair Salon


Universal Hair Salon is a Hair salon or barber. As a popular midtown hair salon, they specialize in haircuts, coloring, and styling for both men and women. Visit Universal Hair Salon for an unparalleled salon experience in the heart of Midtown East, located in Midtown East at 212 E 51st St, New York, NY 10022.

Our Service

Universal Hair Salon is your one-stop-save for all of your hair care needs. Our skilled and in-a-position barbers offer unique haircuts tailored to your specific options and needs. Whether you`re seeking a classic, modern, or innovative haircut, wolf cut men. We provide various splendor offerings that cater to your particular requirements. Our hairstylists live updated with modern-day haircutting strategies and traits to ensure you get the most satisfactory carrier possible. We use great gear and merchandise to acquire the right haircut each time. Please book your appointment with us now and revel in our unique splendor offerings firsthand.


A person sitting in a salon chair with a black cape draped over them, while a hairstylist stands behind them holding a pair of scissors and cutting their hair. The person's hair is styled in a layered bob, and there are various hair cutting tools visible on the stylist's work surface in the background.

Are you seeking a smart styles salon that may come up with a clever and elegant haircut? Look no similar to Universal Hair Salon! Our skilled stylists are specialists in current and modern-day hairstyles to flip heads. Whether you`re seeking an in-fashion haircut or a birthday hairstyle, we have you covered. So why wait? Please book your appointment with us nowadays and put together to appearance and sense your first-class with our smart styles!

Smart styles

"Image of a woman with a short, asymmetrical haircut featuring shaved sides and longer, tousled hair on top. The hair is a dark brown color with subtle highlights and appears to be styled with a texturizing product to enhance the messy, edgy look."

Universal Hair Salon provides a few perm offerings that permit you to gain the perfect curly or wavy hair. Professional hairstylists use incredible hair perm merchandise and techniques to ensure you get satisfactory feasible results.

We are offerings encompass virtual, spiral, and conventional perms. Our hairstylists will paint with you to decide the satisfactory hair perm provider for your hair type, Asian perm, Korean perms, perm hair salon, Korean perm hair, perm hair salon, Asian hair perm, or blonde hair perm. Choose the excellent hair perm that fits your lifestyle and personality.

If you`re trying to upload a few textures and quantities in your hair, our hair perm offerings are the ideal solution. Please book your appointment with us nowadays and revel in our high-quality hair perm offerings firsthand.

Hair Perm

"Image of a woman with hair that has been dyed a bright shade of pink. The hair color is vibrant and saturated, with a glossy shine. The woman's hair falls in loose waves around her face, and she is smiling with her eyes closed in satisfaction. The background of the image is blurred, with the focus solely on the woman's hair color."

At Universal Hair Salon, we understand that hair color is a statement. That's why we offer a range of unique and crazy hair colors to make you stand out. From the bold and vibrant Ebony Color to the playful Aqua Blue Color, our selection of bright hair colors will turn heads. Try our Cajun Spice Hair Color for a fiery new look if you're feeling spicy. And if you need help deciding which color to choose, our hair color scale will help you find the perfect shade. Don't settle for a boring hairstyle - let us help you express your individuality with our selection of crazy hair colors.

Hair Colour

At Universal Hair Salon, we understand the importance of healthy and beautiful hair. That's why we offer a range of hair therapy to enhance the look and feel of your hair. We provide hair therapy, curl keratin-treated hair, keratin for curly hair, keratin treatment curly hair, collagen hair treatment, deep conditioning, scalp care, and keratin treatments. We use high-quality products to nourish and restore hair from the inside out. The consultation lets you choose the best care method for your hair type and condition. A deep conditioning treatment hydrates and nourishes the hair, while scalp hair therapy improves blood flow and stimulates hair growth. Keratin treatment price reduces frizz and strengthens and smoothes hair. Please visit us today and experience our superior hair treatment for yourself.

 Hair Treatments

Universal Hair Salon gives various hair extension offerings to fit each need. Our professional stylists focus on Beaded weft extensions, lengthy hair extensions, everlasting hair extensions, and each everlasting hair extension in all methods. We handiest use the best fine human hair extensions to ensure a continuing mixture together with your herbal hair. Whether you need to feature length, volume, or virtually transfer your look, we have the right hair extensions. Trust our experts to convert your hair and beautify your beauty. Please book your appointment.

Hair Extensions

"An image of a woman with long, thick, and voluminous hair that is styled in loose waves. The hair is a mix of dark brown and blonde shades and appears to be flowing naturally. The woman is smiling and posing confidently for the camera, with one hand running through her hair. The image is labeled as a hair extension, showcasing the added length and volume that the extensions provide to the woman's natural hair."

You get a lot for what you pay for. I got my hair washed, cut, and styled for $45. She saved my damaged hair and was very sweet to me.

Great place!! Lovely staff and environment! They did a great job on what I asked for and I loved the result!! Good prices too! Thank u!

Ask for Mila! Have been getting cuts from her on and off for 7 years.

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